About WeDist

The Power of 'We'
Wedist QFZ LLC Next-Gen Distributor with experienced product specialists to design tailor made solutions.

Powered by young and experienced technology enthusiast entrepreneurs, WeDist is a Qatar based new generation Technology Distribution Company focusing on Information Technology, Physical Security System, Networking and ICT.

Strategically located at Qatar’s Free Zone, WeDist serves as a vital link for continuous flow of technology solutions and services from leading Global Technology Vendors to Resellers, Traders, System Integrators and Service Providers across Middle East and Africa Region.

Focusing on local solutions also reminds us that local to global is as important as global to local solutions. We at WeDist from our local experience aims to replicate that experience - solution matrix at global level and cohesively work together with our partners to achieve sustainable goals.

The key to sustainability is by prolonging the lifecycle of products, recovering value and postponing new production for as long as possible. WeDist aims to achieve this by having the right technology vendor partnership for a top-down approach to carry the sustainability to the End-user.

Reflecting the name, WeDist’s success manifests in standing together in achieving your goals where ‘We Distribute’ your requirements. Our prowess lies in EMPOWERING our channel partners as well as our zealous team. In this fast-paced era where time is an essential key, WeDist DELIVERS solutions faster for your business growth, efficiency and process engineering.

Mission Statement

We believe a green business is a commitment to the society and the planet we live in by focusing on an ecosystem for long term health of the community as a priority over profitability. The team at WeDist having always convinced of the relevance of, as well as our responsibility to handle IT products, it is our mission to promote and accelerate Sustainable Hardware Solutions by providing right technology at the right worth that will add value for our customers.

  • To empower our customers and deliver world-class service.
  • We aspire to bring the technology from world to local and expand local technology to the world.
  • Become most esteemed and sustainable Global Technology Solutions Distributor.
Amplified Support Simplified Operation

We Ensure Simplified and Organic progress from the inception, Continuity and Seamless Delivery of every Project we undertake. We work with leading and quality logistics partners to keep the supply chain operations on EXACT delivery time rather than expected delivery time.