Get to know Zyxel cloud WiFi management solution

#Events Date: 05 January, 2022

With fast-moving working environments, our new Nebula Together is built to adapt to any working modes, while adding devices with granular policies and secure access authentication. Nebula Together ensures that all your networks can be accessed securely outside of the office while providing the same level of security securing remote hybrid workplaces.

Zyxel Nebula access point is completely cloud managed; the comprehensive portfolio offers different product options to fit various needs of deploying networks.

To provide premium performance with greater capacity and more coverage, the Zyxel Nebula access points are built with innovative antenna technology such as Smart Antenna and Dual-optimized Antenna. The advanced antenna design adapts to every different scenarios and handles a variety of tough deployments, including high-capacity, high-performance and interference-laden environments.


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Webinar on Zyxel cloud Wifi systems