Open Platform Enterprise VMS

Digifort specializes in video surveillance software and video monitoring intelligence.

With it’s Corporate Headquarters in São Caetano do Sul – São Paulo, and its Main Development Center in Boca Raton Florida – Digifort counts with offices and branches all around the world. Digifort has presence in more than 138 countries with its platform translated to over 19 languages. The company has a solid trajectory and reputation which covers the globe. Our solution delivers stability and best of product. Always looking for excellence and constantly listening to the market and their customers; always providing relevant improvements and leading the VMS market.

  • Video Management
  • Licence plate recognition
  • Advance analysis of video Forensic Analysis
  • Face recognition
  • Alarm and Automation
  • Keyboard Controller
Product Highlights

The Digifort solution presents itself in products that cover all the needs of the surveillance and intelligence in video monitoring, providing solutions that cover small 8 camera systems to major projects with multiple locations managed from a single central with 30,000 + active channels

Product Features
  • Innovative
  • Stable
  • Flexible
  • Sustainable